Follow-Up on the Mixer


I did some machining for the hub:

Speaking of lasers…

In my last post, I showed a 30W diode-pumped laser; it came out of an etching laser used primarily on stainless steel; (30W is nowhere near powerful enough to cut metal) but it should be enough to cut 1/4″ plywood well enough.

When cutting metal, something like 4kW is more appropriate, which is what cut these parts I designed:

These will become a new flat belt pulley for a very, very old cement mixer. Next opportunity I get, I’ll post a picture of the assembly; bottom line is that I’ll be TIG (aka GTAW) for the welding it.

Frickin’ Lasers

I’ve been wanting to build a laser cutter like lasersaur or for years now, but I haven’t been able to build up enough cash yet to do it. I do have a dangerously powerful laser pointer (OK actually I have like, 5 of them) that I built in college in 2008, however…

what an awful mess!

I’m using a spare solid state relay to turn the laser on and off, and measuring the current delivered to the laser through the multimeter.

I swept aside some of the other crap on the desk, and installed Ye Olde Beefcake Supply to provide the 12v it needs, using the multimeter to make sure I don’t give it too much juice. 200mA seems about right - I know it can take 300, but I just don’t want to risk it.

Focusing the laser

Focusing the laser using a non-blinding power level…

I’m a big fan of retaining my eyesight, so I ramped up the voltage to a point where I can see it in order to focus on the black origami paper (electrical tape works fine too)

Burninating the papers!

This picture is kind of crap, but that’s the best I can do with my phone. I set pronterface to 50mm/minute and ran in straight lines… success! it pretty much “etched” the paper, enough so that it appears as though it were die cut. Pictures were difficult to take, however - I can’t focus that close on such a fine line.

I’m not likely to continue with this, as I plan on bringing this particular printer back in to service as soon as the replacement extruder arrives in the mail.


Pulled out of service a while ago, but I have hopes that it still runs!

30 watts of diode-pumped goodness!

When life gives you batteries…

Make a battery pack!

I have the worst tendency to just go ahead and make things, but the gist of this is 12 used laptop batteries connected 3s3p using flat wire braid, silicone wire, and a male 3s balance connector from the LHS.

holding the 3s3p laptop battery pack

Everything seems OK, 5 second in to the balance…

ammo box chock full o' 18650 cells!

Ammo boxes make a pretty good storage for these cells. 

Check out the wacky flat cells in there… I haven’t seen another one like it since then… I’m not sure what that form is even called.